Emerald Dream News

By: Arcueid - February 2nd

Garalon gets squashed!

Clearly bob had to die for us to get the kill

By: Arcueid - January 19th

Blade Lord Ta'yak!

Nicely done, everyone!

By: Misstee - January 11th

It's just a harmless little bunny, isn't it?

Grats to all the Emerald Dreamers who took a trip out to Darkmoon Faire Island and slayed the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

By: Arcueid - December 10th

Our forray into Heart of Fear yields the Vizier's demise!

Huzzah!  Death to angry, evil bugs?

By: Arcueid - December 10th

Emperor's Will dies and we move past Mogu'shan Vaults!

Nice job, everyone :)

By: Arcueid - December 3rd

Elegon is defeated!

Huzzah!  Bob lost a little weight so we could make it happen!!

By: Arcueid - November 20th

We are actively recruiting for raiding and non-raiding alike!

Currently recruiting 10 man raiders to fill a recently vacated position, Tuesday & Sunday 7-10ish, sometimes Thursday! If you're interested, please apply via our website, in game with a thoughtful message, and wait for us to contact you.  Rude, immature, impatient, and selfish raiders need not apply :)

By: Arcueid - October 28th

Gara'jal dies!!!!

Nice job!!!  After a 40k attempt too hehe

By: Arcueid - October 15th

Feng should have tried using an earth shield!

Or something!  Haha - Grats to our tanks for learning how to save us butt-loads of healing :)

By: Arcueid - October 9th

Stone Guard crumbles!

Never mind all of those skeletons under there!  2 healing for a lot of mistakes is not easy... hehe

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